What to wear for engagements

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Are you ever confused about what or what not to wear for engagement pictures? I get asked OFTEN “what colors look good?” or “what types of clothes should I wear” WELLLLLLL you are in luck! There are 4 things I tell my brides:

  1. consider the landscape/location. Think about the colors that are involved with your landscape, avoid colors that might clash. Neutrals are always safe and come out beautiful with my edits.
  2. Stay away from too many pattern. Thinking about wearing patterns? Try sticking with solids. Striped shirts in pictures can make the eye distracted and not focusing on your face. If you want a pattern maybe one partner or the other can wear a simple pattern while the other wears a solid color. remember we want the focus on YOU and your FACE not your outfit.
  3. BRING A PROP! Bring something that makes you, YOU! You can bring a skateboard, coke cans, dogs, or some sweatpants. Something that shares a little piece of your story.
  4. Bring multiple outfits! With my brides I give them unlimited outfit changes, which means VARIETY! I usually recommend at least one casual outfit and one formal outfit.

GETTTTTT EXCITED!!!!!! Engagements are so much fun, It’s my favorite part to really get to know my couples and their personality.

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