HEEYYYY Tris here! I'm Just your average ice cream lovin', F.R.I.E.N.D.S watchin', world travelin' Gal. OOKKKAAYYY so maybe not so average! 
 I'm a Bohemian photographer capturing those nose scrunches, tearful laughter, and chasing those dreamy sunsets with you!

a Travel wedding photographer livin’ in the heart of Utah

I’m Trisney Osborne

hello there

“I am so incredibly thankful to Trisney, she’s amazing! She has a bubbly personality that makes you smile, an eye for a great backdrop and provides guidance every step of the way. She captures beautiful photos, both posed and those sweet candid moments. 
She goes above and beyond whether it be traveling to the location of my choosing, waking up early to get just the right lighting, and making me feel like the most beautiful bride during the shoot. Every time that gallery pops up in my email, I’m ecstatic to see how she worked her magic. Our wedding gallery was absolutely perfect!" - Mary & Tyler

"SHE goes above and beyond"

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