HEYYYY THERE! it's me Trisney but my friends call me Tris! I'm from beautiful Utah, so the green mountains and warm desert I call home, but that doesn't stop me from traveling all over the world and experiencing different cultures. SOOOOO Grab your passport and let's create that international experience!

Let's create a cultural experience

you can call me Tris

  Most days you can find me Cooking a new recipe, (trying that is.... haha) Watching a chick flick ( with a bowl of ice cream), or Hanging out with my NEW husband! We recently eloped in Turkey and LOVED it! Imagine hundreds of hot air balloons lifting up at the same time! UNREAL! SO YEAH, I totally understand what it's like to elope, just the two of you, and why you will love it MORE than having a big wedding. I am your advocate for doing your own thing!
  I'm obsessed with experiencing new culture! I have been able to teach English to children in costa rica for 5 months, serve those I love in Miami for 18 months ( where I learned Spanish), and travel to Paris for Paris fashion week as a photographer. And have traveled all over the world to capture special moments! OHHHH did I mention that I speak Spanish???? HHOLLLAAA!!!!!!!!! That means I can serve those that speak Spanish and give them the same experience! WHHAAATTT????
  I just want to be YOUR new best friend, someone you can call at midnight to bring you ice cream when you had a rough day, orrrrrrr even if you just want to talk, I'M HERE FOR YOU!!!!!!
SOOOOOO what do yah say? grab your best Ice cream spoon and lets get to it!

I love chocolate and F.r.i.e.n.d.s.

  I wanna be your friend!!!!!! I am not going to be that photographer that says Hi and Bye the day of your wedding. I want the crumbl runs to talk about your wedding day, attending the dress fitting, and the post wedding dinner dates to catch up. WHHYYYYY??? Let's face it having a stranger at your wedding is no funnnn, you feel uncomfortable and awkward.
 Do you know what it's like helping your friend? FUN! it really makes going above and beyond SOOOO much more natural because I want my best friend to have the BEST day!
 I’m the kind of person who will be lifting up your dress so you can go pee or stashing you a plate of food for later. My past clients (aka friends) tell me I was "loved not just by us, but our families adored her too".
So can we just be friends already!!?????

Let’s Cut to the Chase, lemme tell you why I'm different

I'm not your average kinda of gal

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Shoot in the dolomites

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