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Lover of love, fueled by chocolate and a diehard Swiftie. 
I am YOUR photographer for ANY moment you want to remember! 
I started photography back in 2019 and have been full time since.
Sam joined my team, doing video, in 2022 right after we got married in Turkey surrounded by hot air balloons! We have LOVED being a team together going to weddings, honestly we have made our closest friends doing this together! *picture all the fun double dates!
I'm honored that you're even considering having me document your special moments. Please stay a while, have a look around and get in touch if you have any questions! I can't wait to meet you.

Hi, I'm Trisney, but you can call me Tris!

Sam and I know HOW we work, the shots we NEED, and a good balance between candids and posed work. we know where we need to be and at what point during the ceremony/reception. We are a TEAM.

Why should you get a photo and video package? WELLLL we like to work together! Video captures movement rather then photos. it shows emotion- someone going to wipe tears, hugging their grandparent, and capturing audio or your vows. ANNNDD as a bonus hiring a team is usually MUCH more affordable rather then trying to find individual vendors.

Having done photography for years before sam joined me, I was paired with all sorts of people doing videography. some great. some not so great. Photography are ALWAYS paired like peanut butter and jelly. ;) haha but seriously, you want a TEAM that works well together- that know how each other work. 
I have done weddings were the videographer steps right in front of me during the kiss at the ceremony or when they have their grand entrance. I miss the shot. No matter how many times I try to get a plan and go over it with them, some don't care- or aren't aware. 

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I capture differently then most. I believe in getting posed and candids. why? you want these photos! mom and grandma wants these photos! these are the photos you want on invites, printed in your home, etc we want to see your face in them. I always add candids/ some blur photos, detail shots in every gallery. SO I INCLUDE IT ALL. you have a wide variety instead of just having one or the other! This will allow for your gallery to tell a story, YOUR love story!

Here to capture your love in a way that's as timeless as your commitment.


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