Join us on a journey of a lifetime! Iceland is known for its destination landscapes that showcase the raw and untamed beauty of nature. On this adventure to the home of the most unique destinations you will experience the breathtaking formations created by thousands of years of harsh winters. We will luckily be experiencing it's beauty in summer when the greenery will be at it's peak and when conditions are their most well behaved. You can expect scenes of awe inspiring skies, majestic canyons and cliffs, and the respect demanding coasts and seas. Come with us to experience the one place on earth where the land, sky, and sea all dance in harmony. It's the perfect place to showcase true love, true nature, and true living.On this trip you don't need to worry about finding a hotel or food (unless you want to eat out for example). In addition to this you will get to create content of your own on 6 or more shoots along the southern coast of Iceland near what they call the "Golden Circle". 

 I come alive when I am out traveling and getting creative.

Spill all the deeettss

What airport do i Fly into?

You will want to fly into Keflavik International Airport in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Once you book I will hop on and explain everything! And also i know there are some girls that want to travel with one another, so you aren't alone!

Are we posing?

YESSS!!!!! I want you to get creative! I want you to be able to get your creative juices going and learn from one another. I am splitting the group into 2 so that you will be in a group of about 4-5 people so that you each take turns and bounce off of each other.
I will be bouncing between groups so if you are ever stuck i can help out so we won't waste any precious time.
each group will rotate every 5-10 minutes depending on shoot/location

Am i sharing a bed?

We have some beds that will need to be shared, and some that are singles. let me know what you prefer- first come first serve.

when are the shoots going to start?

The shoots are planned for the majority of the day. Of course Golden Hour is our friend so you can expect some sunrise shoots and lots of sunset shoots! These times will vary as the sun comes up at different times in different locations, so this will be more of a living schedule with varying start times. You will however be informed of the next days shoots and start times the day before so you can plan accordingly. 

How Do I Book You?

Fill out the contact form below and I will send you a contract.

Can we rent our own car?

YES! You will need a 4X4 (Four Wheel Drive) capable vehicle. After booking you will be put in a group chat with other girls from the trip and together you can figure out a rental. 

Are we staying in Reykyavik the whole time?

No! We will be in Reykjavik, Hella, Vik, and many other small towns at different times on different days. You will primarily be staying in or around Hella as its a very central location so that we can avoid having to pack up daily as well. You will have to drive daily to the destinations so please plan for that.  

What happens if the weather is bad?

Due to the raw nature of Iceland we can expect some weather inference in which we are prepared to pivot as part of our living schedule for shoots. 

What do we wear to the photoshoot?

Iceland is a very northern country known for it's two faced weather. Prepare for cold climates to somewhat warm climates at most. Gloves, beanies, coats, and anything fleece lined are recommended. 

What are you covering?

4 night 5 day stay in a local Air BNB. 
Food is covered, unless you want to eat out. 
3-4 couple models
Dresses, florals, tickets to entrances and locals.
Transportation to and from each shoot
an amazing experience and tax write off ;)

Can we get headshots?

10000% this is the PERFECT time to get headshots. I can totally do them, or you can ask another girl in the group!:)

Who will the models be?

What Is Your Turnaround?

Engagements or bridals is 1-2 weeks 
wedding day/ elopement is 4-6 weeks

How Does Travel Expenses Work?

Let me know on where you are looking of going and i will do research based on ( hotel prices, flights for that time of year, etc)
and include that in your price. I will take care of all bookings:)

Do You Help In The Planning Process?

YES! Once you book You will be given my all inclusive wedding guide that has all the tips and tricks in planning your day! I want to be able to help you with your timeline because you probably haven't done this. ( knowing how much time for family photos, etc) I want to know what you want because it is your wedding day so 2 weeks before your wedding a questionnaire will be sent with a some questions so i can better prepare for your day!
Bridesmaids, photo list, things to be aware of ( ex.s or family members) stuff like that so you can get exactly what you want!:)

Do You Photograph Families, Seniors, Etc.?

YYESSSS I love photographing seniors, newborns, families, etc I love having my couples or families return:)

What is iceland going to be like?

You Want to build your portfolio
you like to travel 
You have a bucket list of places in the world you wanna explore.
You’d consider yourself a free-spirit type of gal.
You aren't scared to act like your inner child.
you are a creative that wants to get out of a rut.
You think ice cream & chocolate is always an acceptable dinner option. Always.
You love meeting new friends.
You’re already screaming YASSSS WHERE DO I BOOK YOU?

you might be a good candidate if:

You Might Be a good candidate if:

I wanna hear from you!!!

 i can't wait to see you IN ICELAND!!!!!!!
XOXO Trisney