FIIRSSTTT OFFF ALLLLL! I want my employees also to be able to be my best friends!
I LOVE working with individuals who have HIGH goals and motivations with each action that is done! 
This business is everything to me but I can't do it alone., so I need your help!!!

Let me show you what it's like

WANT TO work with ME? and help grow this with me?

 I am looking to create a team of associate photographers! You DON'T have to have prior experience, but must be able to buy a preferred camera ( i will help you with all of it and direct you where to go) but trust me when i tell you, you can make your money back 10 fold. how much money you make is depended upon you and how much effort you put in, how much you are willing to learn, etc. You are able to charge WHATEVER you would like ( i will educate on prices and everything. This job can be a part time thing, or a full time thing. it is SOOO flexible!
I have built this business from the ground up and due to demand, i NEED your help! if this sounds like your kind of job, fill out the application for more details!

If you love serving people and helping their photo dreams come true, then this is for you!

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