I have had associates for the last 2 years and it has been AMAZING! want to know why? I have always heard horror stories of a photographer not being able to make it to the wedding, or cancelling last minute. I WOULD RATHER DIE! they are my back up plan if something ever happens. I trust them and you won't be left with a "good luck finding someone," they are my extra hands when I need them!
If there is someone that wants to book me on a day I am booked- they are my extra hands when I can't be there!
my associates not only help me, but they have their own businesses, They take on their own clientele, have communication and a relationship with them...... SO WHY AM I HERE YOU ASK? After they shoot they give me the images and I edit them SOOO you get the same look you love with Trisney photography at half the cost ( how about that?)

Let me show you!

WHAT IS a trisney photography associate?

  HEYYYYY Are you wanting absolutely stunning photography but are on a tight budget because let's face it, weddings can be stupid expensive. WELLLLLL I AM HERE to the rescue! I GOT YOU! My name is Trisney I am the head honcho and if you are here, you've probably seen my stuff. This year I am so excited to expand my bookings and even at lower costs because I will have more hands to make your dreams come true:)
You can go through each associate and find the one that fits you best! Below are each associate and if you want to inquire to one fill out their contact form so they can send you all of their information! then once a deposit is in. YOU ARE ALL SET:) ta da! EASY peasy!

If you want INCREDIBLE photography, but are on a budget: this is for you!

Meet the crew

Lexi Cockrell
Prices start at $100 for a one hour session
wedding day starts at $500

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